Harbortouch Echo System lowest cost of ownership for any POS System on the market

Acadia POS Systems

Built for the future of Commerce

  • Accommodates Large to small Retail & Restaurant businesses



  • Full Service Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Quick Service

Acadia POS System

The many features of the Echo POS System helps run a business efficiently

State of the Art Software

The many features of the Acadia POS System help run a business efficiently.

Top-of-the-Line Hardware

Cast-aluminum stand and shell for a sleek and modern appearance with maximum durability.

Powerful Analytics

The Acadia POS System produces data at your fingertips with advanced reporting capabilities.


Exceptional Service

Gulf Coast Merchant Services is happy to serve our customers during business hours or our 24 hour tech support services.

Full-Service Resturants POS


POS system with both retail and restaurant functions

Manage daily operations and improve your customer’s experience with fully customizable floor plans, happy hour, and special event pricing, pay-at-the-table devices, bill splitting, and much more.
AND Pay-at-the-Table Support, Manage Guests, Manage Employees, Manage Cash Transactions, Manage Inventory & Menus, Manage Multiple Locations, Receipt Builder, Table Seating, Vendor Payouts

System Info

Apply Discounts
Accept Deposits
Bill Splitting
Checkout Customers
Customizable Giftcards
Generate Reports
Label Builder
Loyalty Programs
Offline & Cloud


Powered by Apple Pay

Reporting Platform

Wireless Connectivity

Hybrid Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a batch?

A group of approved credit card transactions usually accumulated during one business day. This is also referred to as a settlement.

How often should I batch my terminal?

Your terminal must be batched on a daily basis to avoid higher processing costs.

What is a declined transaction?

This indicates that the issuer does not approve the transaction. Please do not continue with the transaction or attempt to force through/run again. Instead, request an alternative method of payment.

How long will it take to receive my money from my credit card payments?

All payments are transferred within 24/48 business hours from the day the terminal is batched.

What is a fraudulent transaction?

The cardholder is claiming that they were not in possession of the card at the time of sale and that they did not authorize or participate in the transaction. The merchant must supply proof that the transaction occurred, was authorized, and that the cardholder had knowledge of the sale, etc. (Refer to “Merchant Action Necessary” portion of Chargeback documentation).

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