Cash Discount Processing

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Would you like to pay virtually zero in monthly processing fees?

As consumers cash in on ever-increasing Rewards Points, the profits of merchants continue to sink. We think it’s time for practical solutions for cost-conscious businesses. That’s why we’re helping businesses across America take charge of their payment processing fees by virtually eliminating them completely!

The Advantages of Cash Discount

Merchants Are Moving to Cash Pricing Models

Government and gas stations take advantage of this, why shouldn’t you? This pricing model is giving merchants an option to virtually eliminate payment processing fees.

No More Annual Rate Increases and Hidden Fees

Cards rates will continue to increase as time goes on meaning ever-increasing fees for you to accept credit cards. With Cash Discount your fees will always be covered despite increasing rates.

Cash Discount Allows You to Be More Competitive

Cash Discount pricing allows you to keep your cost of goods low, while your competition has to increase due to increasing processing fees.

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