Cash Discount Processing

- Make payments easier than ever
- Eliminate your processing fees
- Acess to money when you need it

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How cash discount processing wroks - the customer is ready to pay and enters their card into the terminal - the transaction will go through on the terminal, charging the customer a 4% fee on their transaction. The 4% will cover the merchant's credit card processing fees, practically elimination the credit card processing fee!
Large and Small Merchant Locations have cut their Card Processing Cost by 95%
Merchants are moving to CASH pricing models
Government and gas stations take advantage of this, why shouldn’t you? This pricing model is giving merchants a reasonable option to virtually eliminate payment processing fees.

Annual Rates & Hidden Increased Fees Are Gone
Cards rates will continue to increase as time goes on meaning ever-increasing fees for you to accept credit cards. With Cash Discount your fees will always be covered despite increasing rates.

Cash Discount allows you to be MORE competitive
Cash Discount pricing allows you to keep the cost of goods low, while your competition has to increase due to increased processing fees.

Cash Discount Processing | POS

Payment Processing: Ideal for Every Industry


Make paying from tables, service capabilities, and other restaurants processes work well.
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Bars & Nightclubs

Perfect for the hospitality industry for multiple purposes.

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Larger rates at the salon are a thing of the past. Take Charge will allow for no fees at all!
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Salon & Spas

Take Charge is a perfect match for auto services creating benefits of all kinds
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Service Industries

Working well for the best business for customers.

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Hotels & more

A frequent purchase such as liquor can gather quite a bit of fees.

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Lower your payment processing fees to virtually zero with cash discount payment processing on every sale made.

It's your time to join in on the numerous benefits

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