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Retail POS Features

Whatever your restaurant size, concept or ambitions, we have a POS platform built for you needs.

Data Capture for Marketing

Accept and track online reservations directly through your customized POS system with a simple and easy-to-use interface.


Intuitive Catalog Navigation

Add and edit menu items in real-time with a simple and intuitive interface. The menu settings can be fully customized and feature unlimited menu items, categories, choice sets, and modifiers.

Data & Analytics

Tableside Ordering enables restaurant servers to input customer orders directly from the table via a custom app. The orders are relayed directly to the kitchen or bar for a dramatic increase efficiency.

Loyalty Rewards

Enable your customers to pay their bill right from their mobile device. You can also offer a mobile loyalty program to your customers right through the app.

Upgrade your Retail Payment Processing

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Nationwide Shipping

Accept orders online or in person and ship anywhere in the USA through a customized and branded menu. This solution is synced to your existing POS menu and integrated with your POS system to provide a seamless ordering experience for both you and your customers.

Coupons & Marketing

Jump from viewing hourly sales trends to sending a digital coupon to customers with a click of a button. A customised point of sale dashboard lets you do it all—from any computer or mobile device. We can also help you intergrate  with other retail solution sofwares according to your needs.

Gifcards & E-Gift Cards

Encourage repeat visits and improve cash flow by letting guests order e-gift cards right from your website. Create your own custom designs that match your restaurant branding, or get concierge support with your custom POS system.
Our Frequently Asked Questions

Point of Sale FAQs

What is a batch?

A group of approved credit card transactions usually accumulated during one business day. This is also referred to as a settlement.

How often should I batch my terminal?

Your terminal must be batched on a daily basis to avoid higher processing costs.

What is a declined transaction?

This indicates that the issuer does not approve the transaction. Please do not continue with the transaction or attempt to force through/run again. Instead, request an alternative method of payment.

How long will it take to receive my money from my credit card payments?

All payments are transferred within 24/48 business hours from the day the terminal is batched.

What is a fraudulent transaction?

The cardholder is claiming that they were not in possession of the card at the time of sale and that they did not authorize or participate in the transaction. The merchant must supply proof that the transaction occurred, was authorized, and that the cardholder had knowledge of the sale, etc. (Refer to “Merchant Action Necessary” portion of Chargeback documentation).

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