Pay-at-the-Table with Apple Pay™

How It Works

Introducing the fastest way to pay your bill at a restaurant.
More efficient for the merchant. More convenient for the customer



Step One

Open the Perkwave App

Pay at the Table with Apple Pay-Gulf Coast Merchant Services

Step Two

Enter Location, Scan the Barcode

Fastest way to pay your bill at a restaurant

Step Three

Pay For Your Meal

Apple Pay-more efficient for the merchant and more convenient for the customer

Step Four

Confirm Your Order

Gulf Coast Merchant Services-Pay at the Table with Apple Pay

Step Five

Get Receipt

Pay at the Table with Perkwave App

Download Perkwave

Perkwave Pay-at-the-table is compatible with iPhone 6® and iPhone 6 plus.
You can also download Perkwave on prior versions of iPhone. Within a few weeks,

Perkwave will be adding offers & loyalty functionality which will be compatible
with all iPhones.