Pay-at-the-Table with Apple Pay™

Introducing the fastest way to pay your bill at a restaurant. More efficient for the merchant. More convenient for the customer
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Step One

Open the Perwave App

Step Two

Enter Location, Scan the Barcode

Step Three

Pay For Your Meal

Step Four

Confirm Your Order

Step Five

Get Receipt

Download Perkwave

Perkwave Pay-at-the-table is compatible with iPhone 6® and iPhone 6 plus.
You can also download Perkwave on prior versions of iPhone. Within a few weeks,

Perkwave will be adding offers & loyalty functionality which will be compatible
with all iPhones.

Ready to Get Started?

Should you need to get in touch with our sales office for quotes or additional information about our products and services please call us at (850) 995-4414.
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